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Label Maker Love

Forget Sam, forget Cora and Tali, forget all my friends and family.  This is my one true love…

Epson LabelWorks LW-300

My Precious.  My precious label maker.

I’ve always wanted one, but could never quite justify the purchase… I don’t exactly need one.  And that hasn’t changed… I still don’t technically need it.  But it has brightened up my life, that’s for sure!

I started to look on eBay for one… but auctions would get up to $20 plus shipping, and I could buy a new one for less than that on Amazon.  So over to my darling Amazon I went, waffling for hours over which one to pick.  Then Sam came into the picture, and promptly pointed out the one he thought I should get.  More than I would pay, but that’s what I love about Sam–he firmly believes in paying for quality.  And usually, he’s right–in most cases, you might as well pay more for a good product than have problems with a cheaper version and eventually throw it away or upgrade anyway.

So my precious label maker arrived in the mail (on Valentine’s Day!  Along with Downton Abbey season 2 and instant yeast so I can start making bread–it was an awesome package!)

A few of the fonts

I’ve been labeling things and playing with all the different features–since I got a fancy version for $25, there are different fonts, sizes, borders, symbols, etc.

First, I worked through the sample roll: just enough to label all my files!  It took me a few hours, but it needed to be done–my file box was crammed with redundant, unwieldy files that needed to be re-organized.

I had a lot of fun!

Files conquered!

But when the sample roll was finished, I needed more label tape!

My favorite label making purchase has to be the iron-on labels.  Now that I have a finished quilt (or two… but that’s another blog post!) under my belt, I can label them!

Crazy Quilt label
This one is still top secret, to be revealed soon!

I’ve labeled canisters of baking supplies, file folders, craft supplies…. and I’ve been pinning all kinds of pins on Pinterest looking for new ideas too.

I think I’m in love 🙂

3 thoughts on “Label Maker Love

  1. Your knack for organazation has always been keen…this is just another manifestation that shall carry any work place to new levels!


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