LFD Online Photo I Course

Christina at Little Fashion Diaries, founder of #fashiondiaries on Instagram, is also a high school photography teacher.  Beginning in January, she offered a free photography course online, and I jumped to join in!

Each week, a new lesson was posted on Thursday nights, with homework due on the following Monday.  The Photo 1 course focused on composition, with technical aspects coming in the Photo 2 course.

I loved it!  it was so much fun to have a mission every weekend, a photographic adventure to embark upon.  Sam and I went for walks or studied the apartment, trying to fulfill the requirements for each assignment and remember to build upon everything from the previous lessons too.

I used my iPhone for every photo shoot, although I might dig out my digital camera for Photo 2.  It was so much fun to have a structured lesson with helpful advice and knowledge, but I could complete it on my own time.  Even if I was busy or didn’t have a chance to spend two hours taking pictures, I still managed to submit homework for every lesson.  After the homework was submitted online, members of the class could critique your submission.  That was almost the best part, looking at others’ work and reading the (constructive) comments of my own photos.

If I was really organized, I would have posted the pics from each photo shoot each week, to ask for your opinion to choose which to submit… but obviously I didn’t do that!  The eight week course is over now, so I thought I’d share my homework submissions for the entire course🙂

Lesson One: Composition

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submission:

Lesson Two: Color

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submission:

Part of this week's homework was to give your photo a purpose: I used it in a blog post! You may remember it🙂

Lesson Three: Landscapes

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submission:

The Photo I wished I had submitted:

Sam persuaded me to submit the other one, but I really wish I'd gone with my gut choice, which was this one. Either way, it was pretty gloomy out and this definitely wasn't my best week!

Lesson Four: Light

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submission:

Lesson Five: Scavenger Hunt

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submissions:





Lesson Six: My Funny Valentine

My Homework Submission:

You're unforgettable, Valentine! I love you a ton! (Click to enlarge.)

Lesson Seven: Portraits

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submission:

Lesson Eight: Finale

The Photo Shoot:

My Homework Submission:

I had so much fun participating in Little Fashion Diary‘s Photo 1 online course!  A huge thank you to her for putting so much time and effort into the lessons!  I can’t wait to register for Photo 2–if you’re interested in joining too, head over to her blog for details!

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  1. Loved the cornices, the brick, the bench…the whole set.

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