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Label Maker Love

Forget Sam, forget Cora and Tali, forget all my friends and family.  This is my one true love… My Precious.  My precious label maker. I’ve always wanted one, but could never quite justify the purchase… I don’t exactly need one.  And that hasn’t changed… I still don’t technically need it.  But it has brightened up… Continue reading Label Maker Love

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Meow Monday: Room and Board

Meal time has become a big deal around here.  We used to fill the food bowl as it emptied, so the cats constantly grazed throughout the day.  Since visiting the vet with Tali a couple months ago, we’ve been trying to help them lose the extra pounds they’ve gained from becoming indoor-only cats.  (Who am… Continue reading Meow Monday: Room and Board

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Words of Comfort: Blast from the Past

I’ve received such an outpouring of love and support from family and friends during this time of illness, surgery, and healing. Thank you everyone who thought of me–and as the cards have piled up, I’ve wanted to express my gratitude in some way.  I know you’re not supposed to send thank-you notes for a get-well… Continue reading Words of Comfort: Blast from the Past