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Historical Sampler Quilt: Bow Tie Block

My favorite part of making a quilt is piecing the very first block.  The process can be tedious and repetitive at times, but after making many hours worth of duplicate blocks, it’s time to arrange them, connect them, and then actually quilt the top and the back together. As an ongoing side project, I’ve decided… Continue reading Historical Sampler Quilt: Bow Tie Block

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Essential Childhood Reading

Around the beginning of 2012, I updated my neglected GoodReads account (look me up!  My username is ladykatie32).  I used my Reading Log that I’ve kept since 2008 and looked up the books I’d read and gave them ratings.  As I was updating my current reads, I started browsing through readers’ reviews and exploring other books… Continue reading Essential Childhood Reading

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City Sights: Cherry Blossom Festival

Whenever I fantasize about living in the 1800s, I always forget that air conditioning wasn’t invented yet.  Never mind, I’ll take 2012 and air conditioning, please!  It was warm this past weekend, which is lovely when you’re outside strolling the streets and there’s a refreshing breeze.  Inside, however, is a different story.  Our apartment gets… Continue reading City Sights: Cherry Blossom Festival

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Meow Monday: Time Out

Cora is usually the instigator of scuffles between our two kitties.  The best tactic to calm her down is to remove her from the situation with a little time out in the bedroom.  It usually only takes about five minutes for her to re-focus, and when the door is opened again she is out of her feisty… Continue reading Meow Monday: Time Out

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Potato Pockets

I got an empanada maker for Christmas… sounds fancy, but it’s just two red molds that fold in half to create dough pockets, which you fill with your own filling. So many ideas for these homemade hot pockets… apple pie pockets, samosas, “uncrustable” PB&J sandwiches, broccoli and cheese pockets, chicken and cheese pockets… anything with… Continue reading Potato Pockets

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WIWW: April 8-14, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!  My motivation for wearing the clothes I own, finding new ways to mix and match outfits, and not wearing the same three things all the time!  My goal is to keep a fashion diary for an entire year, and post each week’s outfits along the way 🙂 Ann Taylor Loft purple… Continue reading WIWW: April 8-14, 2012