Daily Archives: April 6th, 2012

More Craft Storage

When we recently bought new curtain panels, I saved the bags from the curtain packaging: at first, in case I wanted to return them, but as we decided that we liked the curtains, I still held on to them.  Don’t ask me why… they just seemed like they could be useful somehow, a nice size with a zipper and built-in hanger.

Recently I started knitting another scarf, but I ran into a storage problem.  At night, I needed a way to keep my work-in-progress safe from the cats.  From their claws, mostly, but also for their safety, too.  Just like my re-purposed food containers that now keep threads, pins, and other small dangerous items out of paws’ reach, I needed some cat-proof storage to keep my project in one place.


Eureka!  This scarf is safe!