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Fishy Friends

A few new fish have joined the bathroom decor!

Remember the obsession that I shared with my mother to fill all the walls with art last summer?  Sam and I had just made the cross-country move, I was recovering from surgery, and Mom was surviving in the living room on a blow-up mattress.

It was a great distraction to tote frames from room to room, holding them up and here and there, then watching my mom hang them up.  Our little apartment really felt like a home when there was art on the walls.

The bathroom was a no-brainer, because there wasn’t much wall space, and the ceramic school of fish from my parents’ trip to Mexico seemed right at home.

When I visited my family later in 2011, Mom gave me two more fish.  I’m finally getting around to hanging them up.

Now there we have a school of six ceramic fish!  Say that five times fast, I dare you!

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