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Meow Monday: Time Out

Cora is usually the instigator of scuffles between our two kitties.  The best tactic to calm her down is to remove her from the situation with a little time out in the bedroom.  It usually only takes about five minutes for her to re-focus, and when the door is opened again she is out of her feisty mood (for the time being).

Tali on top of the headboard (sorry for the blur, this was a rare occasion for Tali, required lightning-quick phone reflexes!)

Yesterday, after Cora chased Tali off the bed, we shut the door to keep Cora isolated in the room with us.  It took her a few minutes to realize that the door was even closed.

As soon as she realized that she couldn’t terrorize Tali any more, she instantly focused all her attention on The Door.

It’s pretty funny to watch her efforts.

Pretty soon she gives up and lays down, patiently waiting for The Door to be opened.  And when she’s free to roam again, all her squabbles with Tali are forgotten.

Ah, the life of Cora…

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