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City Sights: Cherry Blossom Festival

Whenever I fantasize about living in the 1800s, I always forget that air conditioning wasn’t invented yet.  Never mind, I’ll take 2012 and air conditioning, please!  It was warm this past weekend, which is lovely when you’re outside strolling the streets and there’s a refreshing breeze.  Inside, however, is a different story.  Our apartment gets lots of natural light from the windows, which is also nice, except when it’s warm out.  Then our apartment is about 20 degrees hotter than it is outside, with no air conditioning or overhead fans.  No thank you!

So Saturday, we left the kitties with a fan blowing and high tailed it to Loving Cup, my absolute favorite ice cream place we’ve found so far.  Swenson’s on Hyde is yummy too, but Loving Cup gets my vote for All-Time Favorite.  It’s not technically ice cream–it’s slow churned frozen yogurt.

See, the sign says it’s all natural and pro-biotic!  It’s practically good for you!  I had vanilla with junior mints mixed in, and it was divine as always.

Sunday cooled down a bit, so that it was slightly more comfortable than Hell inside and still marvelous temperatures outside.  We googled “festival in San Francisco,” and voila!  There was a parade for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown.

We walked to the far end of Japantown to watch the parade, then followed the floats to the center where it was a lot more crowded.

We perused the vendors a little, but the parade was definitely the highlight for us!

I love parades!

A few more pictures:

Each float had their own music, and Miss Cherry Blossom was followed by the Taiko drummers… which leant a very intense feeling to the beauty queens’ procession.  Very entertaining!

After the parade, we moseyed back home, stopping at a thrift store along the way.

You never know what you’ll find…

Would you like a carousel pony, or perhaps a framed photograph of a cat?

When we got home, Sam went up to the apartment and I continued on a block to get my nails done!

Now that’s what I call a pretty perfect weekend 🙂

More city sights coming soon, as we explore our new home in San Francisco!

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