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Meow Monday: My Cat Shadows

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve started working, and I think the kitties are doing ok by themselves all day.  At first, I missed them a lot.  On my very first day at my new job, at the end of the day I jumped on the wrong bus by accident, realized my mistake a few stops later, muscled my way through China Town to the correct stop, and then had to wait while four (FOUR!) busses passed me by because every one of them was too full.

And you know what I thought?  I said to myself, “I left my kitties at home all alone so I could do THIS?  Why did I want to work, again?”  I’m not even exaggerating, that is what I actually thought.  I was a little overwhelmed from my day, to say the least.

When I open the door, the cats always run to say hello.  Then they generally ignore me and go to sleep on the bed.  Thanks a lot, love you too, cats!

But on the weekends, they are like my cat shadows.  If I’m going to the bathroom to take a shower, they hang out in the bathroom.  If I’m folding laundry on the bed, they want to be there too.  If I’m watching TV on the couch, you can guess where the cats are hanging out too.

And when we’re in the kitchen–cooking, eating, washing dishes, opening mail, putting up groceries–you can bet my little kitty shadows will be there too.

I guess they do miss me during the day 🙂

P.S. Sam says I take too many pictures of the same thing.  But these are not identical!  Tali moves her head and her tail curls in different directions… and Cora’s little sleeping face is so cute I want to see it three times in a row!  He probably does has a point, though…

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