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Pretty Perks

One of the perks of an office job: manicures!  No stacks of library books, no dusty piles of lesson materials, no art projects, no heavy lifting… in fact, the office is paperless!

I’m becoming a master clicker and typer and faxer and scanner… with pretty nails!

My first gel manicure… a little too subtle, but the color was called “Katie” so I had to choose it!

Now I go to the salon every couple of weeks, after the chores are done on the weekend.  Since we’re officially a DINKS couple (Dual Income No Kids), I figure I can pamper myself a little.  I love choosing a new color, reading a magazine while I wait, and the hand/arm massage at the end.  I’ve never gotten manicures on a regular basis before–they used to be a luxury I couldn’t afford, but they are actually cheaper here because there are two or three nail salons on every block, so the competition lowers the prices.  I go to a spa half a block away–$10 for a manicure that lasts a week, $25 for a gel manicure that lasts 3 weeks.


I’ve discovered the wonder of the gel manicure… no chips for weeks at a time.  It’s awesome because I don’t have to be careful of my nails, I go about my normal daily activities, and my nails remain perfect until I’m ready to change the color or my nails grow too long, showing a gap of bare nail at the bottom!  That’s never happened with a regular manicure because it always chips off way before my nails have a chance to grow.  I do have to get a regular manicure every couple of visits to avoid damage to my nails, but it’s worked out pretty well so far.


Whenever I look at my nails, I’m a happy girl!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Perks

  1. I never can seem to keep a manicure looking good for ANY length of time at all. Plus I’m not crazy about the shape of my nails when they’re long enough to bother painting. But I am jealous of those prices! I’m more of a pedicure girl myself, though I would definitely enjoy the massage part of the manicure. 🙂


  2. When I was at USM and not paying any “real” bills yet, I got my nails done every two weeks and I LOVED it! I loved feeling pretty every time I looked down at my hands, and discovering gel manicures made mea very happy camper! I’m with Laura though–I’m jealous of those prices. The cheapest ones here are $15 for a basic manicure. Pedicures are nice, but my feet are so ticklish that I don’t enjoy them nearly as much as I should. I miss my regular manicures though 🙂


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