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I Want to Take a Peek… at YOUR Bookshelf!

So I hope you’ve been enjoying the Take a Peek guest posts these last few Fridays.  I certainly have been!   While I was still in the brainstorming stage, I asked a couple bloggers to help me come up with a 10th question for the list (I needed a nice round number… I’m ticky like… Continue reading I Want to Take a Peek… at YOUR Bookshelf!

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PW’s Chicken Parmigiana

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while, and this is a good one from my favorite blogger Pioneer Woman. It also happens to be Sam’s favorite recipe–he invariably orders this almost every time we eat out at an Italian restaurant.  I’ve had this recipe printed out from her blog for a couple years, waiting… Continue reading PW’s Chicken Parmigiana

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City Sights: Asian Art Museum

This past weekend, Sam and I walked down to the Civic Center to watch some of the Pride festivities. You never know what you’ll find at a San Francisco festival… but of course this was no ordinary fair, so the costumes were especially extravagant. People watching is always a fun activity in San Fran, and… Continue reading City Sights: Asian Art Museum

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City Sights: Ride the Duck

The last weekend of my sister-in-law Shelley Clair’s visit, we decided to go all-out with the touristy fun and hop on a Ride the Duck tour. You’ve probably heard of it–they have tours in all major cities with any accessible water.  The land-to-water military vehicles used during WWII can now be seen rolling down the… Continue reading City Sights: Ride the Duck