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City Sights: the Marina Neighborhood

One good thing about the recent upheaval in our lives is that family has been visiting.  (I’m still waiting for the day when someone comes to visit us because they planned to, not because it’s a medical emergency!)  Sam’s mother and grandmother were here for a week, then Sam was in MS for a week, then his aunt and sister came for a week, and now his sister has stayed on for another week.  I love having family here!

the hubby and me

While I’m at work, they’ve been doing a few of the must-sees around the city, but one place I did get to see with everyone is the Marina neighborhood.  The Marina is a beautiful neighborhood with lots of trendy shops and restaurants, left of the Golden Gate bridge, with sailboats as far as the eye can see and stunning views of the bay and mountains beyond.

It was fun to wander around, exploring and seeing everything through new eyes again!

After window shopping and eating lunch, we walked up several steep hills to see the view from the top of Lombard Street.  Perhaps I was a bit zealous when it came to the hills–I forgot that it takes a while to get used to them!

Resting on a hill!
Even Sam was worn out

The view was worth it, though.

The top of Lombard Street
Now that’s a photographer’s dedication!
Brother and Sister

And then we went to Loving Cup for hand-blended frozen yogurt and walked home–on flat ground!

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