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Adult Summer

This is my first summer since being in the “real world” (aka graduated from college) that I’ve been working during the summer months.  There’s no Spring Break anymore, no summer off, now that I’m not working in a school system.  Except for not being able to take time off to travel, I really don’t mind it that much.

But now that it’s officially summer (as of yesterday!) I have noticed that I am experiencing some distinctly summer-induced cravings.

All of a sudden, I have a voracious appetite to read, watch seasons of TV shows, wear skirts and dresses, and an itch to travel.  I guess that never goes away.

Now where is the pool?  Oh right, it’s still 60 degrees and windy here.

One thought on “Adult Summer

  1. Love your “office”. Nice to finally see it! we will miss you at the family reunion….difficult for me to adjust to your new world too. Love, mama


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