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City Sights: Ride the Duck

The last weekend of my sister-in-law Shelley Clair’s visit, we decided to go all-out with the touristy fun and hop on a Ride the Duck tour.

You’ve probably heard of it–they have tours in all major cities with any accessible water.  The land-to-water military vehicles used during WWII can now be seen rolling down the street and coasting into the water, complete with quacking tourists.

Oh, yes.  We wore our duck bills proudly and quacked along to all the songs!  It was fun to be completely silly and laugh at all the cheesy jokes.  And the jokes were very, very cheesy.

The TransAmerica building

San Franciscans protested the TransAmerica building at first, but now they think the skyline would be pointless without it! (ha ha)

The Giants ballpark

Why is it so windy by the ballpark?  Because San Francisco has the biggest fans! (ha ha)

Yuk yuk yuk.  Or, as our favorite San Franciscan uncle on Full House would say, “Cut… it… out!”

Enough with the jokes, here are some of the sights:

Just in case…
Sisters-in-law 🙂
Passing a land-lubber Pirate
Cable cars
Hubby and Me
About to enter the water
Sailing into the bay

View of the city skyline

The AT&T ballpark from the water
Passing the ballpark from land

I wouldn’t say spending $30 on a commemorative photo is worth it, but the Ride the Duck tour is a lot of fun and an interesting way to see the city from both the land and water!

Plus, you get to keep your duck call 🙂

More city sights coming soon as we explore San Francisco!

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