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City Sights: Asian Art Museum

This past weekend, Sam and I walked down to the Civic Center to watch some of the Pride festivities.

You never know what you’ll find at a San Francisco festival… but of course this was no ordinary fair, so the costumes were especially extravagant.

People watching is always a fun activity in San Fran, and the Pride celebration is a gold mine, full of exuberant people of all sorts.  We walked, watched, and ate.

Mid-afternoon, we stepped out of the hoopla to take advantage of the Asian Art Museum’s $5 admission fee special.  The museum houses an absolutely stunning collection, mixing ancient and modern art side by side.  The Phantoms of Asia exhibit was very cool, very haunting.

Saturday was quite the day of contrast: buoyant celebration outside, subdued craftsmanship inside.  It made me happy to be a part of such a diverse and varied city that we call home for now.

More city sights coming soon as we explore San Francisco!

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