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I Want to Take a Peek… at YOUR Bookshelf!

So I hope you’ve been enjoying the Take a Peek guest posts these last few Fridays.  I certainly have been!


While I was still in the brainstorming stage, I asked a couple bloggers to help me come up with a 10th question for the list (I needed a nice round number… I’m ticky like that.)  Laura at Unpunctuated Life came up with a bunch and although I only added one more to the final list, I’ve been thinking of how to use her questions.  I can’t just let them go to waste!

There will be more guest posts coming soon, but in the meanitime I thought, how about asking YOU… the readers, who may or may not have a blog, to join in the fun?

Below are the questions that Unpunctuated Life came up with, with a few options for answers.  But don’t be limited by the choices!  Feel free to pick “Other” and leave your answer in the comments!

Aren’t those great questions??

I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say about their books, and of course I’m going to participate too!  Next week I’ll share my answers and a few stats from the polls.

I’m excited 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Want to Take a Peek… at YOUR Bookshelf!

  1. Wow, I’m honored!

    I selected other for a lot of questions. I typically have trouble committing to just one answer. 🙂

    I am mostly indifferent about audio books, but I do tend to have trouble concentrating. I haven’t given them much of a chance, though, and I could definitely see where they would be great on, say, a long road trip. So I couldn’t click “I hate them.”

    I’m also still solidifying my tactic for books I’m not enjoying! It does kill me to give up on a book, but I’ve done it a few times recently. I’m currently trying to suffer through one and debating whether I should stop. I get some sort of satisfaction from powering through, but is it a waste of my time?!

    I love the idea of book clubs but haven’t had many positive experiences with them. However, I do find myself coming to life when I talk about books with other people, and thankfully I have several fellow English-major nerds with whom this is a fairly regular informal occurrence.


    1. Aw man, I clicked on the link this morning and the position has already been filled! Not that I have an extra 40 hours a week of spare time… but I was actually seriously considering applying at least haha 🙂


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