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Reading Log: July 2012

It’s time for another monthly update on my Reading Log!  I really can’t believe July is over already–where has the summer gone??  If I were still a school librarian, I’d be gearing up for the start of school year.  Can’t say I miss that end-of-summer feeling, although the working-all-summer-long isn’t exactly fun either.  Oh well,… Continue reading Reading Log: July 2012

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Meow Monday: Fashion Diary Assistant

Cora is very, very helpful when I take my quick pics each morning for my year-long Fashion Diary project. She really takes her role as assistant seriously.     After inspecting and improving my shoes for the day, Cora’s job is done and she makes her exit.   Sometimes I can’t help but include her… Continue reading Meow Monday: Fashion Diary Assistant

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Historical Sampler Quilt: Flight of Swallows Block

My favorite part of making a quilt is piecing the very first block.  The process of piecing a quilt can be tedious and repetitive at times, but after making many hours worth of duplicate blocks, it’s time to arrange them, connect them, and then actually quilt the top and the back together. As an ongoing… Continue reading Historical Sampler Quilt: Flight of Swallows Block

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Summer Break

I haven’t posted much in the craft department for the past couple months.  It hasn’t been intentional, I just haven’t had the time to be creative.  After I started working full time again in March, my leisure time for crafting took a plummet.  (Not to mention time to watch E! News every day, or time… Continue reading Summer Break

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Small Space Storage: The Bookshelf

I’m back talking about my bookshelf again.  Am I obsessed, or what?  There are only two bookcases in our apartment, flanking the dresser in our one and only bedroom, so I guess I spend a lot of time staring at them.  I love our teeny tiny apartment, but storage is at a minimum, so I… Continue reading Small Space Storage: The Bookshelf