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City Sights: Maritime National Park

We recently visited the Maritime National Historical Park while Sam’s sister was here in San Francisco.  I’ve been looking back through my iPhone pics missing Shelley Clair, so I thought I’d share a few of our visit!

Right alongside the over-priced tourist shops and hotels of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Maritime Park is a free attraction boasting a small beach and several historical ships.  You can pay $5 to board the ships, but we just walked up and down the pier admiring the view.

View of Alcatraz
The Hercules
Love the masthead of the queen!
View of the city skyline
Hyde Street Pier
They refurbish old boats, too
Beautiful Shelley Clair!

Members of the Dolphin Club swim in the bay, training for triathlons.  All I can say to that is, “brrrr”!

It was sunny but windy… I can’t imagine how cold that water would be!

My grandfather on my Mom’s side worked with ships (I’m hazy on the details, but I know he was an engineer of some kind), and I grew up going to the beach every summer and going on lots of fishing trips.  I guess in part because of that, and also because of my obsession with L.M. Montgomery and her romanticism of the sea, I love old ships and anything to do with the water.

View of the Maritime Park from the top of Hyde hill

We miss you, Shelley Clair!  If anyone wants to come visit us, be warned in advance that you’ll probably show up in a City Sights post 🙂

More city sights coming soon as we explore San Francisco!

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