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Small Space Storage: The Closet

Somehow I’ve accumulated a lot of belts.  Now that it’s summer I’m wearing dresses more often, and nothing pulls together a shapeless form like a cute belt.  I’ve been hooking the belt buckles onto the top of a hanger in my closet, but my closet has become decidedly cramped recently.  I’ve been looking for ways to maximize storage in such a small space… especially because being a short person limits my use of vertical space.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective, aren’t they?

Four hooks = plenty of storage for belts, in plain sight but out of the way.  Plus, by hanging straight, they won’t get creases from being rolled up or stuffed into a container.

While we’re at it, here’s the rest of my closet, making the best of what space is available:

(I probably should’ve straightened things up a bit, but this is exactly how it normally looks.)

The belt hooks are out of sight and don’t take up much room at all.  Gotta take advantage of every little bit of extra space available!

I keep my clothes color-coded, with my work clothes on the left from neutral to ROY G BI V, and repeat with my casual tops on the right.

I keep boots to the far right, two plastic drawers on the floor for bras and workout clothes, and two fabric cubes stacked on top for pajamas and jeans.

I also have a little tub for flats because I tend to kick them off my feet into the closet and I needed something to contain them.  Plus, it’s easy to move them out of the way when I need to open the plastic drawers.

I also have an over-the-door shoe rack (not pictured) and I usually pick out my outfits for the upcoming week on Sundays, so I hang them on the shoe pockets for easy access.

You might notice that there’s not a speck of Sam’s clothing in this closet… I basically threw a little fit when I found out how much storage our new apartment had, compared to what I was accustomed to, and banished him to the dresser.  Luckily he doesn’t care much for clothes and had no complaints 🙂

So that’s my closet organization, complete with new belt storage!

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