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City Sights: San Francisco Zoo

I’ve been in a bit of a slump recently… the work-eat-sleep-repeat routine of daily life has been bringing me down.  A bit of the blues that I’m trying to drag myself out of, with the help of my hubby.  We’ve been slacking on the weekend adventures, what with trying to cram all of the chores and errands from the workweek into two days, but I think it’s important to keep exploring our new home city.  We’ve been here a year now, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped missing my family and friends.  When I’m lonely and flagging in enthusiasm, it helps to go somewhere new and appreciate where we are right now.

The Zoo has long been on our list of Sights to See, and we finally got around to making it happen.  The weather was overcast and chilly (it is still so strange for me to say that in the middle of July!), especially in the neighborhood by the zoo because it’s adjacent to Ocean Beach.

The only snag was getting there—the iPhone/Google Maps steered us wrong, and after travelling for over an hour on two different buses we realized we were several stops past the point where we should’ve gotten off.  We hastily disembarked at the next available stop, in the middle of a highway, and had to trudge about a mile back in the direction we had already passed to reach the zoo.  Luckily, it was scenic.

People all around us were voluntarily running and rowing and sweating and putting us to shame, so I really couldn’t complain about the extra exercise (although I did complain, of course).

The San Francisco Zoo is very pretty.  Lots of natural landscaping is incorporated, with the landscapes from all the major continents arranged in one big loop and three cafes spaced evenly throughout.

I am always torn between ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the adorableness of animals and feeling sad that their environment is so cramped… And feeling irritated with visitors who yell and poke and tap and whine at the animals.  So, you know, the zoo is an emotional place for me.  (That’s a joke… slightly exaggerated, but still true.)


And I’ll be honest, I was cranky that day.  I needed a nap or something.  I wish it was all sunshine and lollipops, but let’s be real here.  I stopped talking to Sam through the entire continent of South America because I/he (still a point of contention) accidentally spilled half the container of Dip-n-Dots we were sharing.

We can laugh about it now… but at the time I nearly threw a tantrum to rival the surrounding toddlers.  Ah, happy memories at the zoo!

But let’s get back to the animals, shall we?

The Gorillas were very close, thoughtfully eating and staring right back at us.

There was a lot of eating going on.


My favorites were the lemurs.  Cute, snuggly, and playful.

The penguins were cute and swimmy, as usual.

This was taken before the Great Dip-n-Dots Debacle.

The bears were pretty awesome too, enough to bring me out of my sulky mood and behave pleasantly again.  Yay for bears, inspiring 25-year-olds to act their age and not their shoe size!

We ended our visit with drinks across the street—a lemonade for Sam and a root beer float for me—and over all, we had a good day.  Any crankiness that dampened the mood was not due to the Zoo!  We all have those days, though not necessarily documented on the internet…

More city sights coming soon as we continue to explore San Francisco!

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