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Summer Break

I haven’t posted much in the craft department for the past couple months.  It hasn’t been intentional, I just haven’t had the time to be creative.  After I started working full time again in March, my leisure time for crafting took a plummet.  (Not to mention time to watch E! News every day, or time to visit several grocery stores for specific ingredients, or time to do laundry, or time to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day…ah, the perks of unemployment!) I still had a few projects going, but when family started visiting in May I put everything away and I just got it back out last weekend.

Crafting can be a great stress relief for me, but I have to admit it was also kind of nice to have my sewing table put away for a while.  It was a bit of a relief not to have any projects nagging at the back of my mind, and the living room seemed more spacious and less cluttered with all my equipment stored away.  There haven’t been any projects that have jumped out at me, demanding to be made, or even any necessary repairs that I needed the sewing machine to make.

But as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been in a bit of a mini-slump lately—the daily routine of work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, repeat—has started to get to me.  I think the calm after the storm of stress and worry brought on by all the health issues Sam and I have faced has finally come about, but it’s not always an easy transition back into “normal.”

Have you ever noticed that?  Even though stress and bad health isn’t fun, when all the commotion is over I still find myself uneasy.  It takes a while to accept that “normal” is here again, that I don’t have to be relentlessly on the alert for the next bit of bad news.  It takes a while to believe that I can make plans that will actually happen without another catastrophe.

All that to say, I knew I needed to get my craft table back out.  The restlessness, irritability, pessimistic attitude… I can’t say it instantly disappeared when I set up the table, powered up the sewing machine, spent some time with a pattern and some fabric… but it helped.  Just having my sewing nook set up again helped me to take a deep breath, to start thinking of the possibilities of the future, to anticipate the process of crafting again.

So I took a little summer break from sewing, but I think I’m ready to dip back in… slowly, with no major projects on my mind.  I think my historical sampler will be the perfect venture.  I haven’t been crafting much of anything lately—I have a few little cross stitch projects in the background, but nothing major.  I haven’t touched my knitting needles in months.  Mostly, I’ve been reading.

Something about the summer season has transformed me back into a voracious reader, and it’s so nice to have my appetite again.  I tend to get in a reading rut, slogging through a string of mediocre books, and I forget that there are engaging, meaningful, exciting books out there in the world.  And then when I discover one, and then another, I remember again the fire of reading.  So while I’m in this vortex of reading, my crafting efforts have taken a backseat.  I forgot how satisfying it is to sit and tangle with a project, to construct something out of scraps of nothing.  My Craft Chat has been silent for a while, but I’ll be back, I promise!

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