Chit Chat

In the Moment

In this Moment, I am:

:: watching the kitties prowling around

:: thrilled that Friday is almost here, because this week has felt like a million days long

:: proud that I’ve done well at my new job… and that my company rewards progress

:: optimistic about the possibility of new friends

:: grateful for the ease of catching up with old friends

:: reveling in the different worlds of the books I’m reading… and still thinking about them during “real” life

:: musing over some new projects for the sewing machine

:: gleefully anticipating the next episode of Project Runway!

:: breathing deeply in gratitude that I can make plans, and live in hope that they will come through

What’s happening in your moment?

2 thoughts on “In the Moment

  1. Loving reading your blogs and wanting so much more for you and your husband. Excited that you are feeling better and knowing you have a strength that I rarely get to see. Cannot wait for the weekend, I too think this week feels like its taking forever to end. Hoping for some good rain in this drought we are in. Praying for those people on well water where the water has run dry. Looking forward to the Olympics! Anticipating a vacation to Hawaii to meet a friend from NZ. Love Always!


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