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Meow Monday: Olympic Spectators

I love the Olympics, and so do the cats!

We watch whatever is airing every night, and we had the TV on in the background all weekend.

For some reason, Cora has become fascinated by the TV.  It’s been there the entire time that she’s lived in the apartment, but she just started noticing it.

I guess she’s just really inspired by those Olympians!

It’s cute… until you want her to stop blocking the view.  This is Cora’s face when Sam tells her to get out of the way–she’s absolutely shocked!

And her punishment?  Snuggle time!


Cora is not a fan of unnecessary touching.  But I know she secretly loves the attention!

(P.S. In the background is Shelley Clair’s painting of Cora!)

Tali was not quite as interested… she spent most of the weekend sleeping on the bed!

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