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Meow Monday: Chirping is for the Birds

Ever since we set up places for the cats to look out the window, they treat it like 24/7 TV.  Almost every morning, Cora or Tali can be found sitting on the stool in our bedroom looking out the window, or sunning on the chair by the living room window.

Cora is especially cute when she starts talking to the birds.  Yes, she literally chirps at them.

Video evidence: (Sorry it gets dark for a second… look for the chirping around second 16)

It’s pretty darn adorable… but you’ll have to thank your lucky stars I am showing restraint and not posting all five videos 🙂

Want to hear something else adorable?  When I played the video on my computer, Cora came into the room searching for the birds!

Now do you think she want to be friends with the birds or wants to lure them into a trap…?  Never mind, don’t answer that.

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