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Fantasy Football

Somehow I have avoided as much football edification as possible… even though I played in a marching band in high school, went to a university where Football is King, and am part of a family that watched football every Thanksgiving.  I went to tailgates of course… a handful of games total during my college career, and drank and ate through a few Super Bowls, but somehow I escaped without ever having any idea of what was happening on the field, or who was on the team, or which team was winning.


My Dad would have loved to teach me all about football—or any sport, for that matter—he’s a natural-born teacher and tries to impart knowledge at any opportunity, but any time he started in on the rules of the game, it went in one ear and out the other.  But despite all those occasions where I had no choice but to sit in front of a football field, I still have no knowledge of the sport.

Can you tell Sam loves football too?

And yet here I am in California, hundreds of miles  away from the SEC, and I’m more closely involved with football than I ever have been before because…  I’ve joined a Fantasy Football League.


You may laugh.  My husband sure did.  But, as in the past, I’m doing this for the social aspect.  A girl from my book club started the league, and I figured it would be fun to get together with the girls.  And maybe I’ll learn something along the way?

So that’s all well and good when I signed up.  But now the draft is tomorrow night and I have no idea what to do!!  The only thing I know so far: my team name is the Katie Kats.

Any tips/advice/guidance??  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Fantasy Football

  1. Hi Captain Katy Kat! My advice is to get one player for each position, that’s 11 for offense and 11 for defense! That should put you in contention! Love, Dad


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