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City Sights: Street Food Festival

Last Saturday, Sam and I went to a Street Food Festival in the Mission neighborhood.  It was pretty awesome—about five blocks jam packed with people, food trucks, food carts, booths, and some live music thrown in for good measure.


Of course, we headed straight for one of the (several) Southern-style food trucks.

While we were in line waiting for our main course, I skipped over to a smaller food truck and ate my appetizer while we waited.  Fresh mozzarella with tiny tomatoes and crisped bread.


Perfect!  At the Southern Sandwich Co. food truck, we loaded up: pepper jack mac and cheese for a “small bite,” sweet tea to drink, and we shared an East Carolina pulled pork sandwich for our “big bite.”


We found a stoop to sit and eat while watching the crowds.



I love the architecture of the Mission!

We meandered over to Three Twins Organic Ice Cream for dessert—Mint for me and an ice cream sandwich for Sam.


We had a fun time wandering around, people watching, and getting a whiff of all the different kinds of food.  But of course when it came down to choosing what to eat, we couldn’t resist a bit of Southern food!

We even saw a truck for greeting cards!  You know I had to take a pic of that cat in overalls.

Now I’ve seen everything!

More city sights coming soon as we continue to explore San Francisco!

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