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Most of the crafting projects I’ve worked on recently have been small tasks that I could complete in one day.  I really enjoyed making the small projects for the blogiversary giveaway, and finishing the Road to Tennessee quilt that had been sitting in my UFO pile for so long.

I haven’t been working on anything extensive lately, and I’ve been in that limbo state of looking at lots of inspiring ideas but not actually committing to anything.  There are so many cool things online, sometimes I get overwhelmed and pin them all on Pinterest and then never actually do anything.

So I’m just going to shake all these thoughts out of my head and let them land in this blog post.  This isn’t really a To-Do list, more of a Maybe-I’ll-Do List.  Those are fun too!

To Craft:

  • Journal Cover… fits a composition notebook perfectly.  Maybe a Quilt Diary?  Or an Ideas Book?

Source: Tutorial from Stitched in Color

  • Finish Tree Skirt… finishing up the Road to Tennessee quilt I started a year ago felt so good, and this Christmas tree skirt is already basted, but it’s been sitting in a pile waiting to be quilted and binded for almost three years now.

  • Garden Lattice baby quilt… this idea is so cute!  I like the monochromatic patchwork with the contrasting color of the red lattice.  Next friend who gets pregnant, this quilt will be coming your way!

Source: Tutorial from Stitchery Dickory Dock

  • Portable Ironing Board on TV tray… this is brilliant!  This would be perfect to have right beside the sewing machine for all the pressing during piecing a quilt, instead of getting up a million times.

Especially compared to my  current ironing situation… a towel on the kitchen table.

Source: Tutorial from Oh, Fransson!

  • Small Scraps Ideas… this blog has lots of great ideas for small scraps, and I especially like the coasters.

Source: Tutorial from Stitchery Dickory Dock

  • Some sort of stacked coins quilt…


Source: Oh, Fransson!

I really like all of these from the Block Party book I just read!

Source: Oh, Fransson!

Source: Looking In

Source: Bread and Buttons

  • Herringbone quilting… so far all I have attempted is straight line and stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.  I think I could do this, just have to find the right quilt…

Source: Sew Katie Did 

Source: Film in the Fridge 

  • Something with words or letters

If anyone wants to buy me this book, I’ll love your forever 🙂

Source: Lazy Gal Quilting

  • Pictorial quilting…  Craftsy was having a sale, so I bought an online course about making art quilts using pictures as inspiration.  I’ve only watched the introductory class so far, but it’s been on my mind to continue.

Source: Craftsy

Maybe I’ll start one of these projects this Labor Day weekend… or maybe not!  It’s fun to keep looking too.  Does anybody else have too many ideas and too little time?

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