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Meow Monday: Walking the Cat

It doesn’t happen too often, but if we leave the door open for longer than a few seconds while coming in or out, this happens:

Now don’t laugh.  Sam has gotten it into his head that he would like to walk Cora.  On a leash.  Down those nasty city sidewalks.  Can you tell I’m not exactly a fan of the idea?


Maybe if there was some green grass outside, it might make sense.  But then if there were, our cats probably wouldn’t have to be indoor-only.  I feel bad for them all cooped up in our tiny apartment, since they once had lots of room to roam, trees to climb, birds to stalk.


Of course, that did lead to Cora getting stuck in trees, on top of roofs, caged by over-zealous animal control neighbors, and locked inside neighboring apartments… but I digress.  The point is, we bought a harness and leash and we’re attempting to leash-train Cora.


We’d seen the supplies in the pet store, and always laughingly pointed at them.  As we lingered in the area a few weeks ago, an employee came up and started telling us all about how to leash-train cats.  She said they have customers who regularly walk their cats to the pet store, and the cats just hang out while the owners shop!

The first time we tried the harness on Cora, we gave the cats some wet food as a treat.  You know, trying to associate the harness with positive experiences.  Tali was cool with that idea, as long as she didn’t have to partake in the harness part of that experience.

We didn’t even consider training Tali, the poor thing would think we were torturing her.  Tali just watches the experiment in horror.  Cora is not far behind in considering the harness torture.  She rolls around and limps like the harness is killing her, although we check over and over to make sure it’s not too tight.


So far we’ve had a few house sessions, letting Cora get used to the feel of the harness.  Two times, we’ve attached the leash and let her explore the stairs outside our door (but still inside the building).


I still think it’s a crazy idea, and I feel like we’re tormenting our crazy little Cora, but maybe the end result will be worth it?  Ok, now you can laugh!


5 thoughts on “Meow Monday: Walking the Cat

  1. I may need to get two of those for my two kittens! They are crazy to get out of the house every opportunity they get, but we don’t like to leave them out yet as they are so small and there are big stray cats around the neighbour hood who may attack them 😦


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