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A Pair of Lists

Nobody’s perfect!  Sometimes I make completely pointless lists, and then I share them on the internet for equally pointless reasons.  Enjoy!

Things I Should Do (But Don’t)

  1. Wash my face with the Clarisonic every night (I average 3-4 nights a week)
  2. Wash the dishes as soon as they’re dirty
  3. Clean during the week so chores don’t pile up on the weekend
  4. File paperwork as soon as I open the mail, instead of letting it pile up on top of the filing cabinet,
  5. Go to the grocery store before the fridge is absolutely empty

Things I Do (But Shouldn’t)

  1. Eat chocolate for my “snack” after work
  2. Watch TV every night, even if I’m not interested in what’s airing
  3. Exercise for 20 minutes and then give up
  4. Write important appointments in my planner and then forget to check later for reminders
  5. Let emails sit in my inbox unanswered until way past the point of politeness

That was fun!  What would be on your list(s)?

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