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Project Pinterest: Clothesline Photo Gallery

I’ve mentioned before how awkward it is to decorate our long narrow hallway.  We moved to San Francisco over a year ago, and the hallway has remained barren because I just could not figure out how to fill up the space without buying a bunch of frames (and nail holes).

Then I saw this pin, and I had my inspiration for a Clothesline Photo Gallery!

Source: Design Sponge

Clothesline Photo Gallery

Time: 30 minutes, tops

Cost: About $10 if using all-new supplies


  • Baker’s twine (or yarn, fishing line, ribbon, etc.)  I used about 4 yards.  I found plain twine at a local hardware store, and I also had some turquoise baker’s twine from Lilly Belle’s Paperie Etsy shop.
  • Tacks
  • Mini clothespins (I found mine at Little Red Cottage’s Etsy shop)
  • Measuring tape
  • Photos, post cards, artwork, greeting cards, etc.


1.  Measure the wall  and cut the amount of twine you will need, adding a little extra so the line won’t be taut.

2.  Make a slip knot on each end and tack the line in place.  (I eyeballed the height for both ends of the hallway and ended up a half-inch off.  I was quite impressed with myself.)

3.  Add a tack to the middle, or add two if your wall is longer.  An extra tack will help support the weight of the photos and add some visual interest.  (Can you tell I watch too much HGTV?)

I recommend using a measuring tape at this point, just so you don’t have to go through the bother of questioning yourself.  I didn’t do that at first, of course, so Sam and I bickered about where the middle point was and made a few tack-holes before we got out the measuring tape to settle the argument.  Fun times!

4.  Hang your photos with mini clothespins.

I tried to space out the vertical/horizontal, color/black-and-white, couple/single/group pictures to make everything look balanced.

I didn’t think too hard about it, honestly, and at the end I switched around a few and was happy with the results.

I like that this solution doesn’t take up too much space, there are no nail holes, and it fills the long hallway space without having to worry about a fancy arrangement of frames.  Plus, the pictures are very easily interchangeable and can be as customizable and temporary as you want.  Sometimes I worry too much about which pictures are special enough to preserve in a frame, but this takes away that anxiety.  In fact, I plan on exchanging these photos regularly with post cards, holiday cards, and new pictures.

I have a history of banners in the hallway (Snowflakes for Christmas and Hearts for Valentine’s Day), but this will (hopefully) stick around longer.

Hooray for Pinterest and quick projects!  I’m linked up to Project Pinterest, hosted by I Love You More than Carrots 🙂


Bake, make, or decorate… but most importantly, do!

I’m also heading over to Lulu & Sweet Pea to join up with their Pinteresting Project!

Share the Pinterest love 🙂

9 thoughts on “Project Pinterest: Clothesline Photo Gallery

  1. I love this! There is just something so whimsical about using baker’s twine too! And how fun to use during the holidays with all of those christmas cards! brilliant! thanks so much for sharing and linking up!


  2. Great idea! I love how you will change out the photos, and intend to make them “holiday appropriate”. This is how I will hang my christmas cards this year. Hopefully will find red & green mini clothes pins!


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