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City Sights: Fleet Week Air Show

Fleet Week has come and gone again, and this time around we were much more prepared for the festivities!  Last year we stumbled upon the crowds and stood in long lines and fought for a good view.

This year, we left the apartment mid-morning and leisurely walked toward Fisherman’s Wharf (and picked up some fresh fruit smoothies along the way).

Instead of veering right, into the vast tourist traps of the Wharves, we headed left and continued further in that direction than we had gone before.

I had no idea that there was built-in seating along the beach, a walking path with amazing views of the harbor and Golden Gate Bridge, and it all connected to a park by the Marina.  We had even visited the park a few months ago with Sam’s sister and aunt, and I had no idea it connected to Fisherman’s Wharf!



I love learning new things about the city!

We avoided the crowds and managed the get lunch at In-N-Out Burger before the lines started trailing out the door.

Then we headed back to the beach and found a prime seat watching the last of the Parade of Ships and catching the Air Show.








The weather was awesome, warm and sunny and breezy, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.


The best part was that after a couple hours, we could walk back home without bothering with transportation (and stopping at my favorite ice cream shop, Loving Cup).

It was a beautiful day.  We left the laundry and chores behind, and a little sun and exercise made them much more manageable that afternoon.  I certainly needed a reminder that sometimes work can wait and it’s more important to get outside to enjoy what the city has to offer.

More city sights coming soon as we continue to explore San Francisco!

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