Cursive Skeletons

Let’s pretend for a minute that I’m ten years old, or work with children, or have children of my own… because there’s no real reason for a twenty-five year old to get out the construction paper and scissors to make Halloween crafts.  But that’s what I did anyway!

I saw this idea on Pinterest (where else??) and it’s based off of an old Mailbox magazine idea (the holy grail of elementary education).

So simple, I probably shouldn’t insult you with instructions.  But I will anyway🙂

Cursive Skeletons

1. Fold a white piece of construction paper in half.  Write your name in cursive at the fold.

2. Cut out, and unfold.

3. Cut out some skeleton parts (a skull and some shapes that look somewhat similar to arms and legs), and glue onto a black piece of construction paper.

I made one for Sam too, of course.


And now they’re hanging on our living room door.  We jokingly refer to it as my bulletin board.

Now that I’m not actually working in a school anymore, I can’t really explain/justify/defend my love of arts and crafts, but who cares!  I will continue anyway🙂

(Side note: I asked Sam to help me think of a job where I could make holiday-themed arts and crafts all day but not actually have to interact with anybody else. He couldn’t think of anything, but I’m open to suggestions should you know of such a position!)

12 responses

  1. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet. . .

  2. How cool are these!!!!!

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  4. As an occupational therapist who teaches cursive, this will add some variety to practice!

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  9. How do you do this for letters that go below the line? (f,g,j,p,q,y,z)

    1. It would probably require some creative configuring but I think the general process still works!

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