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Project Pinterest: DIY Coloring Pages

I’m going to have to repeat the same confession as yesterday: I am 25, I have no children, and I do not work with children.  But I still love to color.  (I should probably also admit that I was a school librarian and babysat/taught Sunday School/worked in a nursery/etc. for most of my life, so it was probably pretty predictable that I love arts & crafts.)

That all brings us to today’s Pinterest Project: DIY Coloring Pages (for adults!)

As an adult, I love to color but I I don’t find myself in the toy aisle too often when I have a hankering for a coloring book.  When I have the opportunity (in the library resource room, for instance), I have tried coloring books geared toward older children/adults (see here for evidence).  But why not take it a step further and create my own?  So that’s exactly what I did, with a bit of Pinspiration (see what I did there?)

Below, three ideas for coloring pages.  All simple, but they will totally jump-start your creativity and (of course!) become a stress-relieving activity.

DIY Coloring Pages

Time: 10-20 minutes, but that’s not really the point this time, right?

Cost: Free, since you probably have the supplies already

Supplies: Paper, Sharpie, Crayons/colored pencils/etc.

Line Design

My inspiration was this pin, and you can go to Art with Mr. E for more instructions.

1. Draw a wavy line in the middle of your paper.

2. Add 8 dots at different intervals.

3. Draw a line connecting the dots across the paper, creating bubbles.

4. Add some extra circles to “camp out” a few of the the bubbles in different directions.

This will help the circles to balloon out and also cause others to be “pinched off,” which creates the cool tunnel effect.  The lines will continue off of the paper and as the bubbles get bigger and bigger, the lines will have to be shared going back to the dot.  Starting and ending all the way back at the dot each time creates the depth and shadowy effect.

5. When the page is filled, add color!

Repeating Patterns

My inspiration was this pin, and you can go to The Sketchbook Project  to see my inspiration (no instructions).

Simple idea, right?  I focused on filling up the entire space, repeating the same drawing over and over, then coloring the leaves with fall colors.

Zentangle Quotes

My inspiration was this pin, and you can go to Elysian Studios: An Artful Life for more instructions.

1. Start with a rectangular border on your paper.

Pick a quote that you’d like to illustrate.

2. Add some diagonal lines to divide the rectangle into sections that will fit your quote.

3. Add your quote, varying the fonts and styles of your words.

4. Fill in the spaces with patterns and add details to the words.

5. Add color!

Once I saw this idea on Pinterest, it became my go-to doodle.  (Yes, I take doodle breaks at work. What else are post-it notes for?)

Hooray for Pinterest and coloring creatively!  I’m linked up to Project Pinterest, hosted by I Love You More than Carrots 🙂

Bake, make, or decorate… but most importantly, do!

I’m also heading over to Lulu & Sweet Pea to join up with their Pinteresting Project!

Share the Pinterest love 🙂

7 thoughts on “Project Pinterest: DIY Coloring Pages

  1. This is so cool! I do have a boy and I find that I color more than he does sometimes. It is just so much fun! I loved the first idea and I am gonna try it out. Plus, I think some of the older kids I know will just love it as well.


  2. Wow, I love this!! Those look AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up! It’s been pinned to my PP pin board! have a great week!


  3. These are all so awesome – I used to doodle (not coloring pages unfortunately) in school all the time. Definitely need to do this when I’m bored 🙂

    Thank you for linking up to The Pinspiration Project. Hope to see you again this Tuesday with another Pinterest-inspired project 🙂


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