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Fantasy Football Update: Week Six

Time for an update on my crazy Fantasy Football venture!  I’m still hanging in there.  In fact, I was doing pretty well for a while.  Week Four was a good week for me… I was 2nd in the league with 3-0-0!  And then it went a bit downhill…


Now I’m in week six, I’m 3-2-0 and 5th in the league out of 10… boo!  We’ll just have to wait and see how my little players do… as you would suspect, I’m not a very doting league leader.  I don’t really watch the games on the weekends, and I have no idea who my players are, after the initial research I did for the draft.  But the Katie Kats are doing ok!

My roster remains the same…  (the pic is a peek from my app):


And here is the matchup for Week 6:

Wish me luck!  I’ll try to keep you updated through the season… only a few more weeks to go!

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