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Project Pinterest: Modern Halloween Cross Stitch

I can’t seem to stop with the Halloween decor!  This week, I was inspired by this pin to make a large scale, modern, minimalist cross stitch.  But when I looked at the instructions, I didn’t want to go to an art store to buy canvases, and I didn’t want to bother with paint.  So I bought some neon poster boards, and I was good to go!  I love how these came out–better than expected!

(Although, if I could do one thing over again, I wouldn’t have chosen white floss for the skull on the orange background–difficult to photograph.)

These are super simple, and could work for any season or event.  I just might save these to stick around in the Fall box for next year.  Yay for Pinterest!

Modern Halloween Cross Stitch

Time: 1 hour per canvas

Cost: Around $5, if you don’t have everything already


  • poster board (I bought a 5-pack of neon colors for $3)
  • graph paper
  • tape
  • embroidery needle
  • floss (6-strand embroidery thread, very cheap!)


1. Find a graphic that you want to cross stitch, and shade in the corresponding boxes on the graph paper.  I printed out a grid (free from this website) and used this image for the spider and this image for the skull.  I just googled fonts for the “boo.”

Depending on how big your graphic is, you can use the grid to size your images.  For example, I shaded in a 2×2 box on the grid to equal one cross stich X for the spider and “boo,” but I used a bigger 4×4 box to make the skull bigger.

Mark each intersecting point with a sharpie or dark marker.  These dots mark where the thread will come through during cross stitching.

2. Position the graph paper on the poster board, and tape in place.  With the embroidery needle, poke a hole at each intersecting point (marked with the dot).

3. Remove the graph paper and start cross stitching.  (If you’ve never cross stitched before, it’s easy!  Look here for a great tutorial.)

When you start or finish a length of floss, tape the end down to the back of the poster. (If you tape over a hole, no worries!  The needle will poke through scotch tape with no problem.)

All done!

My little Halloween door is filling up!  (Click here for Cursive Skeletons.)

Hooray for Pinterest and fun weekend projects!

I’m linked up to Project Pinterest, hosted by I Love You More than Carrots

Bake, make, or decorate… but most importantly, do!

I’m also heading over to Lulu & Sweet Pea to join up with their Pinteresting Project!

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