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Project Pinterest: Reversible Autumn Bunting

I needed just one more thing to complete my Halloween “bulletin board” (aka the unused door in our living room that is perpetually open, aka the perfect spot for the inevitable crafts that result from moments of missing the seasonal decorating of bulletin boards in the library).  The only problem is… Halloween is only a few days away and I want something that can stick around for the rest of the fall season.

Enter: Reversible Autumn Bunting!  Halloween-ish on one side, and Thanksgiving-ish on the other side!

Bunting is all over the internet, and I’m alternately annoyed and intrigued by it.  It doesn’t really do anything, it serves no useful purpose, but I have to admit it’s pretty cute.  I do like that you can hang it up for a little bit of decoration without going overboard, and it’s just as easy to take down when the holiday/season/mood is over.

Cursive Skeletons and Modern Large-Scale Cross Stitch

So I hopped on board the bunting bandwagon.  I pinned a whole heck of a lot of banner/bunting/sash/mantel pins to my Holiday Ideas board, but this pin was my favorite inspiration.

Source: Frog Prince Paperie Etsy shop

And I used this pin to give me some direction for construction.  Not that it’s hard, I promise!

Autumn Bunting

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: Free if you use scraps


  • scraps of fabric (I used twenty 5-inch squares)
  • ribbon or binding tape
  • sewing machine


There are no real rules when it comes to measurements, at least not the way I did this project.  I just worked with what I had—I had a certain amount of ribbon, so that determined how many flags would fit on my bunting.

1. Decide how many flags you want on your bunting, and pair one piece of Halloween and Thanksgiving fabric for each flag.  I used 5-inch squares, but you can certainly use bigger or smaller sizes.

I used a charm pack of “Give Thanks” fabrics by Moda. I used the orange and black fabrics for the Halloween side and red and gold fabrics for the Thanksgiving side.  (In case you’re not familiar with the term, a charm pack is a set of 5-inch squares of coordinating fabric, usually 21-42 squares.  I bought this pack for $8 on eBay but you can find them in a fabric store or online.)

2. For each flag, pair fabrics with right sides together and cut your triangle to size.  I just eyeballed the cut, because I didn’t feel like measuring and I’m ok with the slightly “wonky” look.  From the scraps of my first cut, I cut out smaller triangles.  Keep in mind that sewing a seam will make the finished flag smaller.

3. Sew around the outline of each triangle, leaving a gap at the top.

4. Trim the corners and turn the flag right sides out, pulling through the gap at the top.  Poke the points with a knitting needle or chopstick.

4 1/2.  This step is optional, but at this point you can iron the flags. flat.  The perk is that the flags will hang flat, and you can tuck in the un-sewn seam at the gap and iron it closed.

5. If you’re using iron-on binding tape, just iron the flags onto the binding strip.

If you’re using ribbon, sew the flags in one straight line from end to end.  I alternated two little flags after every two bigger flags.

Remember to backstitch when you start and finish.  Keep in mind that one side will have the ribbon showing at the top.

(If I had enough black ribbon, I’d probably have it show on the Halloween side, but since I had more maroon ribbon, I matched it with the Thanksgiving side.)

Ta da!  Reversible bunting that will last the entire fall season.



And of course, there are all kinds of ways you could customize this for other holidays, or by adding letters to each flag—Give Thanks, Trick or Treat, Happy Birthday, etc.  Hooray for Pinterest and easy holiday decorating!

Happy Halloween 🙂

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