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New Addition to the Nautical Collage

This weekend, I updated the collage of nautical artwork in our hallway.  Usually, once I hang something, I’m done.  It will hang there until it falls off the wall or we move… both of which have happened to me.

But I’m actually starting to enjoy this awkward wall by the bathroom because there’s space to expand without looking too cluttered… what’s a few more nail holes to caulk when we move again?


But the best part about the new addition to the collage is that the new art came to me through one of my favorite artists! Because I won a giveaway on her blog!  How cool is that?!

The first work I bought from Kate at Little Things Studio are the two prints hanging in our living room.  I had seen Kate’s work in a local store and at a few craft fairs when I was in college, but I didn’t exactly have a budget for art.  When I was married and had a real job, I decided I wanted to buy something special for our first home.

You may remember the whole saga, but the general gist is that after carefully selecting my two very favorite prints at the annual Starkville Christmas Bazaar, it took several months to have them framed because of crazy weather delaying the shipment to Hobby Lobby (remember all that snow in MS last January?) … and then, almost as soon as the frames arrived safely at our apartment, Sam accepted the job offer in San Francisco.  So those prints were never actually hung in our first home!  They travelled safely in their unopened shrink wrapped across the county, and now they reside in our living room above the couch.

So obviously, I was delighted when I found out that I had won a fabulous new 2013 wall calendar AND a print of my choosing from the Little Things Studio shop!

Source: Little Things Studio Etsy shop

When choosing the print, I was very tempted to add another Anne Shirley quote to my collection, but I didn’t know where it would go.  And I knew that a nautical quote would fit right in with my nautical wall art!

I love the colors and the design, but I especially love the quote.

It definitely speaks to me and my journey these past few years!

Thanks, Kate!

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