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Project Pinterest: Fall Fashion

I try as much as possible to pin ideas that I might actually use, but even I’m a sucker for all the cute fashion pins all over Pinterest.  The few times I’ve gone through the link to actually look at the cost of an item, I’m usually blown away by the exorbitant price.  Fashion is expensive, y’all!

I don’t claim to be the Queen of Coupons or Miss Frugal (although wouldn’t those be awesome pageant titles??), but as my eBay obsession can attest to on my What I Wore Wednesday posts, I’m all for cute and CHEAP.  So I decided to challenge myself to look at all those Fall Fashion pins and use them as inspiration to put together outfits, using clothes I already own.

And yes, I’m calling it Pinspiration 🙂

Below, some side by side comparisons of my Pinterest-inspired outfits.  I tried to find pins that incorporated clothes similar to what I already own, and I had a fun afternoon playing dress-up!  (And you’ll probably be seeing some of these new combos in upcoming weeks!)


Pinspiration: Casual Fall – Striped top // cardigan of same color // jeans // sneakers

My Take: Green striped top // cardigan of same color // jeans // flats


Pinspiration: Grey and Emerald Green – Grey top // green scarf // beaded jewelry // bootcut jeans // grey ankle boots

My Take: Green top // grey scarf // beaded jewelry // bootcut jeans // grey ankle boots


Pinspiration: Neutral Casual – white tank // grey scarf and cardigan // black pants // black flats

My Take: white cami // grey scarf and cardigan // black leggings // black flats


Pinspiration: Grey with Pops of Color – grey dress // coral cardigan // brown belt and flats // turquoise necklace

My Take: grey dress // coral and lace cardigan // brown belt and flats // blue necklace


Pinspiration: Fall Neutrals – white top // red striped scarf // grey cardigan // jeans // brown boots

My Take: white top // pastel striped scarf // grey cardigan // skinny jeans // brown boots


Pinspiration: Stripes with Neutrals – striped top // grey belted cardigan // paisley scarf // brown belts // skinny jeans // cowboy boots

My Take: striped top // grey cardigan // blue scarf // skinny jeans // brown belt and boots


Pinspiration: Bright Florals with neutral cardigan – red floral dress // cable knit cardigan // dark brown belt // dark tights

My Take: floral dress // neutral cardigan // braided belt // leggings // flats

I liked this look a lot, so I tried it with a striped dress too!


Pinspiration: Stripes with a Bright Scarf – striped top // bright scarf // skinny jeans or black leggings // brown boots

My Take: striped top // yellow scarf // black leggings // brown boots


Pinspiration: Lace, Navy Blue, and Brown – white top // navy blue skirt // brown belt // brown suede flats

My Take: white lace top // navy blue skirt with scalloped hem // brown belt and flats

This was a fun challenge to mix and match items and colors that I wouldn’t normally put together.  Lots of stripes, boots, and scarves, which are not normally in my go-to closet items!

I feel like I get stuck in a rut easily when I’m choosing outfits, especially when it comes to office-wear and layering.  Mostly I just pair a top, cardigan, black pants, and call it a day.  The pinspiration outfits definitely paired a few things I wouldn’t think of normally – grey and brown as a color combo is new for me!

Thanks to Pinterest I had a fun afternoon with this experiment!

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9 thoughts on “Project Pinterest: Fall Fashion

  1. Those outfits are so cute! I’ve been feeling bored with all my clothes lately, but I have a really hard time remembering cute outfits I’ve seen when I’m out shopping/thrifting. I’m really impressed at your ability to match an inspiration outfit with your own clothes!!!


  2. I’m stopping by from AP’s link up!! 🙂

    I LOVE outfit numbers 4, 7, and 8… Honestly… I like your version better than the picture! 🙂 You are AMAZING about using your own clothing to recreate… How about you help me with mine?! 😉


  3. What a great idea!!! I love the notion of “shopping your closet” for things you already have. The outfits are adorable! I’m off to my closet to get my clothes ready for the week. Thanks for the inspiration!


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