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Meow Monday: Black Cat Probs

Tali is especially hard to photograph.

Not only because she’s all black, from the tip of her tail to the tips of her whiskers, but also because she’s shy.  She skitters away at the drop of a hat, which can make it hard to capture her cute moments.  Especially compared to our little drama queen Cora, who laps up the attention (no matter how much she pretends she doesn’t notice us).  You can see Cora’s ears perk up and the preening begins when she knows we’re talking about her.

But back to Tali.  I know there are probably more pictures of Cora on this blog, but it’s only because she’s easier and more available to snap pics on my phone.  Here are a few bloopers, showing just how terrible a picture of Tali can be.  But it’s not for lack of trying!

It’s mostly my iPhone camera’s fault, but I’ll keep on snapping pictures of my little kitties whether the lighting’s good or not.  And now you know why there aren’t as many pictures of Tali, but of course it’s not because we love her any less!

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