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Little Bits of Cheer

I’m not going to lie, this past weekend was a tough one.  Saturday was spent saying goodbye–to the redwoods, to our little cabin, to family vacation, to my parents and brother as they dropped me off and continued on to the airport.

But I’ve learned one thing from all this distance and all the goodbyes I’ve had to say since moving across the country: Having something to look forward to makes it just a little bit better.

So Saturday night, we bought a Christmas tree.  (And then went to our favorite Latin restaurant and shared a pitcher of strawberry margaritas.)

Sunday, we chose a Christmas station on Pandora and started decking the (teeny tiny) halls.  Our new tree is  slightly bigger than the two-footer we’ve had since college, but still on the small side–we do have to store it during the rest of the year, after all.  My favorite part is adding little bits of Christmas in every room.





My collection of holiday picture books came out too, of course, and gave me a good excuse for cleaning out the stacks of old magazines that had accumulated so I could use the fabric cube.

Little bits of cheer, to turn the tears into smiles.  It’s not a perfect cure for homesickness, but it helps a little.

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