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City Sights: Cable Car Museum

I’m just as excited to rush into the Christmas side of the holiday season, but I’m still savoring the memories from my family’s visit here during the week of Thanksgiving.  I think I’ll take my time and share some of the city sights slowly, so I can keep remembering our adventures.  Even though Thanksgiving is over (how can it be only last week?) I’m still thinking of our family ventures.

The Cable Car Museum is the perfect half hour activity when you’re in between sightseeing and dinner.  Best of all, it’s free!

The inner workings of the cable cars are on display, which is slightly noisy but very cool.  You can even go downstairs to view the underground portion (it looks very damp and steamy, and not exactly picture-worthy.)

Lots of pictures and information around the walls, and my favorite part are the old “Cail-o-Scopes” which have slideshows of old black and white pictures of before and after the earthquake of 1906.

Sneaky Brock was taking pictures through the peephole with his camera… way to stretch that 25 cents!

Of course there’s a gift shop, and of course my brother and I had to add to our stamped penny collection.  This is the second time I’ve visited this small museum, hidden in the hills one block away from the Fairmont hotel and Grace Cathedral.



Still fascinating!

More city sights coming soon as we continue to explore San Francisco!

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