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Reading Log: November 2012

Wow, November is over.  I’ve been waiting for this month for so long, and in the blink of an eye it’s over already.  I got stuck at the end of a trilogy this month, and didn’t read much of anything else for the majority of the month.  Bring on December!

So here’s my Reading Log for November 2012, with my thoughts about each book to help me remember what I read.  I’ve included all the books that I’ve read or finished during the month (even if I started some of them outside of the month).  Plus I like to rate the books I read on the grading system and keep track of the binding.  I’m not exactly sure why I started recording that… except that I like my statistics at the end of the year 🙂

November 2012

HB = Hardback, PB = Paperback, AB = Audio book, K = Kindle.

Title Start Finish Grade/
Rebel Angels (A Gemma Doyle Book #2),
by Libba Bray




The Sweet Far Thing (A Gemma Doyle Book #3),
by Libba Bray


Still Reading


by Octavia Butler




The Pursuit of Happiness,
by Tara Altebrando




The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks,
by E. Lockhart




The Jane Austen Miscellany,
by Lauren Nixon


Still Reading



Rebel Angels (A Gemma Doyle Book #2), by Libba Bray (A)

The second in the trilogy, and no complaints here!  Everything became more developed and intriguing – the characters, the setting, the plot.  I love that the characters are prickly and unlovable sometimes, just like real teenagers – even if they’re battling spirits in magical lands and running around Victorian-era London, they still have to deal with adolescence.  The author has a boundless imagination and she’s not afraid to create new fantastical creatures – an all-knowing Gorgon, treacherous nymphs, patients of Bedlam Hospital, the Cave of Sighs.  I really liked the new story lines that added to the foundation of the first book.  This is not the kind of writing that helps you uncover universal truths or make sense of the world, but it’s a thrilling adventure and it was fun to escape into this world.  I wish I had been aware of this phenomena as it was being published (apparently I missed all the hoopla entirely), but even after a few years it’s fun to discover a new series… and I can enjoy reading one book right after another.  Can’t wait to start the third book!

The Sweet Far Thing (A Gemma Doyle Book #3), by Libba Bray


Still Reading: Day 27.  Honestly, it’s getting a bit ridiculous but I do want to force myself to the end.  The first and second were pretty hefty page-wise, but so good.  This book, the final in the trilogy, is 800-something pages and so far about half of it could have been cut.  I stopped reading for a while so I could read a few others.  Hopefully the ending improves?

Kindred, by Octavia Butler (B+)


Book club pick for November.  Very interesting combination of sci-fi/time travel and historical memoir.  Modern-day black woman and white husband (except this was written in 1976) travel back in time to the antebellum-era South.  Not a book I would pick up by myself, because normally I would shy away from both of the main concepts–time travel and race relations. But I felt that the author framed the combination very well: the time travel was treated in a very straightforward way, and the slavery aspect was very moving but also realistically complex.  There were some characters within the book really troubled me, and the lack of growth and/or resolution for them stopped me from fully appreciating the book.  But in all, I’m glad I read the book.  The ending was strangely satisfying, even though it wasn’t wrapped up in a pretty bow.

The Pursuit of Happiness, by Tara Altebrando (A+)

pursuit of happiness

More YA Lit.  Betsy has the usual teenage angst the summer before her senior year of highschool–she just found out her bf cheated on her, her best friend is growing distant, she has a summer job.  But also, her mother just died of cancer and her family is struggling to adjust to a new normal.  Great characters, well told story, totally nailed the nuances of adolescence.  The coolest part of the book is the historical town where Betsy works acting as colonial girl–it’s the source of new friends, new love, and helps her to discover new passions.  Loved this quick read.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, by E. Lockhart (A+)

disreputable history

More YA Lit. Narrated in the third person, which took some getting used to, but in the end I kind of loved it.  A case study of one girl’s awakening: Frankie goes to an exclusive prep school, and the story follows her internal and external transformation as she infiltrates her boyfriend’s historically all-male secret society.  Very thought provoking.  Really enjoyed this a lot.

The Jane Austen Miscellany, by Lauren Nixon


Still Reading.  My uncle sent this to me in the mail, which was such a sweet and unexpected surprise.  A mix of brief history and quotes from Jane Austen’s novels and personal letters.  Very enjoyable, and I’m savoring it slowly.

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the month of October.  Anyone else reading a good book?


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