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City Sights: The Fairmont Hotel

I’m just as excited to rush into the Christmas side of the holiday season as anybody else, but I’m still savoring the memories from my family’s visit here during the week of Thanksgiving.  I think I’ll take my time and share some of the city sights slowly, so I can keep remembering our adventures.  Even though Thanksgiving is long past, I’m still thinking of our family ventures.

I think it’s safe to declare the lobby of Faimont Hotel as an official sight to see in San Francisco.

Even when there isn’t a giant gingerbread house being built front and center!

We visited before Thanksgiving, so we got to see the gingerbread structure being set up, along with the wreaths and other holiday decorations.

A couple weeks before, Sam and I met up with my uncle here while he was in town on business.  It’s a gorgeous lobby, worth taking a peek at whether you’re staying overnight or not!  So when my family was in the neighborhood (first stopping at the Cable Car Museum, then swinging by Grace Cathedral and ending up at Nob Hill Cafe for dinner) we decided to check out the lobby.

And of course, I have to throw out the only tidbit I know about the hotel’s history—the Fairmont is where the United Nations convened, which is what’s up with all the flags.  Now you know!

I’m loving all the holiday decorations around the city.  More city sights coming soon as we continue to explore San Francisco!

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