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Project Pinterest: DIY Ornament Garland

Am I obsessed with garlands, or what?  Take a look at my Holiday page under Craft Chat, and you’ll find garlands for all occasions… hearts, snowflakes, bunting, photographs… yep, it’s probably safe to say I’m obsessed.

So it’s no surprise that this pin caught my eye.  What’s not to love?


I especially like the “cluster” look, with the ornaments suspended in the middle without extending all the way across.  I was sold!


DIY Ornament Garland

Time: 1 hour

Cost: About $20 if you’re buying brand new ornaments


  • ornaments in various colors and sizes.  For three garlands, I bought two packages of 24 medium-sized ornaments and two packages of 48 mini ornaments (total: 144 ornaments)
  • ribbon



1. Cut your ribbon to desired length.  I used about two yards for each of my three living room windows.


2. String ornaments any way you want.  I did all gold ornaments for the middle garland, and used red/green/blue for the two side windows.


The original source for the pin strung the ornaments really closely together for a “cluster” look, but I spaced mine out a bit more.

3. Tie a loop at each end, and hang.  Since we already have curtains hung, I just slipped the loop onto the curtain rod hook.



That’s it!  I really like how these look, and I think they could look even better if the curtains were open, or maybe added some twinkle lights.  I love the extra bit of sparkle in the living room–so cozy with all the decorations!  Exactly why I love this time of year 🙂


Hooray for Pinterest, always there to help me out with my garland obsession!

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8 thoughts on “Project Pinterest: DIY Ornament Garland

  1. Wow! Adorable!
    I just hung some Christmas cards using your idea of clothes pinning them to ribbon..streaming down from two stocking hangers that say “Joy” and “Hope”. Looks great… thanks for the idea!


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