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City Sights: Grace Cathedral Again

I’m certainly excited that we’re well into the Christmas side of the holiday season, but I’m still savoring the memories from my family’s visit here during the week of Thanksgiving.  I think I’ll take my time and share some of the city sights slowly, so I can keep remembering our adventures.  Even though Thanksgiving is long over, I’m still thinking of our family ventures.

I’ve already blogged about visiting Grace Cathedral, which I’ve now explored (and photographed and instagrammed) more than any other “site” in San Francisco.  It’s close to our apartment, with a small park and my favorite Italian restaurant nearby, and in general is such a calming place to visit.

This time I snapped a few pics inside, although I did feel like maybe I was breaking some sort of rule while doing so.  Grace is not just a tourist stie, since it’s also a living and working church, so I tried to be discreet.  It’s so pretty and calm inside, with the stained glass windows, murals, labyrinth, and beautiful spaces to roam through.

I love the small chapel dedicated to the AIDS memorial quilts, which are switched out periodically.

The outside is gorgeous too, of course.

Sam wasn’t with us, but we found him on one of the doors!

It gets dark quickly in the winter–look at the difference an hour makes!

I love Grace—walking by it, through it, around it, and especially sharing a visit with my family!

More city sights coming soon as we continue to explore San Francisco!

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