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DIY Stamped Penny Ornaments

My brother and I have collected stamped pennies for a long, long time.  We even have those “penny passports” for both of our collections.  When we recently visited the Cable Car Museum together, yet another stamped penny was added to the pile.  As much as I love collecting them, they are rather… well, a bit useless.


Brock gave me the idea of making Christmas ornaments and I love the idea!  Instead of laying in a drawer, now the ornaments can be brought out each year.  I love remembering the places we visited as each ornament is hung on the tree.


And, these simple ornaments are very easy to make!  All you need is a hammer, a nail, and a stamped penny!


It helps if you have a block of wood, too, so the nail doesn’t damage your work surface.  I’m not one of those crafty people who have spare wood laying around, so I went to a local hardware store and asked for a scrap block.  The nice owner brought me out back to his shed and let me have my pick!

Obviously, all you have to do is use the nail and hammer to make a small hole in the penny.  I thought this would be difficult, but it’s not at all.  Since the penny is already flattened, it’s not as thick as a regular coin.

Pro tip: After making a hole from the font, hammer the nail into the back too.  It helps make the hole more uniform and easier to thread the hanger.

The Cable Car Museum
The Cable Car Museum

You can use a wire ornament hanger or a piece of ribbon.  I had some gold ribbons left over from a package of ornaments (that became my ornament garlands).

A few of my favorite pennies, now hanging on the tree:

An otter from Monterrey Bay


The USS Alabama
The USS Alabama


The lighthouse in Cape May
The lighthouse in Cape May

Ta da!  Thanks to my brother, a totally doable way to turn a sentimental collection into ornaments!


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