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Project Pinterest: Stamped Paper Bag Wrapping

Tomorrow, Sam and I are hopping on a plane flying toward Mississippi to spend Christmas with Sam’s family!  I am super duper excited to be back on Southern soil.  Since we are bringing gifts in our carry-ons, I started looking around Pinterest for a simple, durable wrapping paper solution… Basically, I needed something that would be easy to put back together if security decides that every package needs to be opened! (fingers crossed… last year none of our wrapped presents were targeted, but you never know!)

Last year, I used brown paper grocery bags and doilies for my wrapping (one of my first Pinterest-inspired projects!), which worked out pretty well and used up a lot of bags that had piled up.  So I was immediately attracted to more brown paper bag wrapping ideas on Pinterest.  There were a ton, and all gorgeous!  Here are a few of my favorite pins:


So with those ideas in mind, I gathered a few supplies and got to wrapping!


Stamped Paper Bag Wrapping

Time: About 5 minutes per gift

Cost: Free if you already have the supplies


  • brown paper bags (I used leftover bags from Walgreens)
  • alphabet stamps
  • ink pad
  • metallic Sharpies


You can look at the pictures to see how my stamping worked out.  I’m pretty pleased since it only took a couple extra minutes to turn plain brown paper into something much cuter!  It’s not exactly sophisticated or elaborate, but I like how it turned out.






Of course, there are a few things I would do differently if I had more time…

What I Would Do Differently:

  • A red or dark color ink would show up much better… on brown paper, gold ink did NOT show up very well, so I had to outline the stamps with the silver Sharpie.  The gold and bronze metallic Sharpies didn’t show up very well either.
  • Smaller stamps.  The ones I had would be great on larger gifts, but since all of mine were pretty small due to travelling, the stamped letters were pretty cramped.  I stamped only initials and wrote the rest of each name with Sharpie.
  • Use a different color paper bag – white or black would be a better contrasting color for the metallics I used for stamping.


Hooray for Pinterest, yet again!

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