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New Year Resolutions: 2013!

I’m usually not one for new year resolutions.  But this year, I’m feeling like I’m in a good place to make some goals for the year.  Mostly, I just want to improve things that I’m already doing or have done before.

…2013 Resolutions…

Cook at Home More

I’ve gotten out of the habit of couponing, grocery shopping, and cooking anything at all.  So I’m going to buy a crock pot!  And start grocery shopping more, so there are ingredients on hand for dinner.  I’m excited!

Exercise More

I can’t get it together to work out before the work dat, and by the time I get home I’m usually ready for some couch time.  There are a few gyms near my office, so I plan to join one and go directly after work.

Travel More

We need to take advantage of our situation–we’re young, with no kids, on a side of the country we’ve never explored before.  I’m always intimidated by planning extensive trips, but this year I want to try to go on more short excursions.  Seattle, Las Vegas, Portland, San Diego, LA, Vancouver, perhaps Hawaii?  There’s so much we haven’t seen yet, and most are accessible by a short plane ride.

Here’s hoping these resolutions will stick!  Do you have any resolutions for the 2013?

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