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Reading Log: December 2012

December – what a month!  Read a few good books in between everything else going on, and so excited to read more in 2013!  Tomorrow, I’ll post an overview of the whole year.

So here’s my Reading Log for December 2012, with my thoughts about each book to help me remember what I read.  I’ve included all the books that I’ve read or finished during the month (even if I started some of them outside of the month).  Plus I like to rate the books I read on the grading system and keep track of the binding.  You know I love my statistics, especially now at the end of the year 🙂

Decmber 2012

HB = Hardback, PB = Paperback, AB = Audio book, K = Kindle.

Title Start Finish Grade/
The Jane Austen Miscellany,
by Lauren Nixon
11/25/12 12/1/12


Reached (Matched #3)
by Ally Condie
12/5/12 12/19/12


A Christmas Carol,
by Charles Dickens
12/19/12 12/22/12


by J. Courtney Sullivan
12/20/12 12/20/12


Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1),
by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
12/30/12 Still Reading




The Jane Austen Miscellany, by Lauren Nixon (A)


A bit of history along with quotes from Austen’s personal letters and novels.  I loved browising through, but I didn’t find anything “shocking” as promised by the back cover.


Reached (Matched #3), by Ally Condie (B+)


Final book of the Matched trilogy.  Pretty satisfying conclusion, although the series as a whole has changed a lot since the first book.  This final book became all about containing a plague, which was interesting but far from the themes and plot of the first and second books.  I enjoyed the poetry and the symbolism woven throughout, but it did start to get on my nerves that the main characters—all young adults, and all involved in some sort of love triangle or another—did not really have any emotions or normal human reactions.  Overall, a good series and it raised some reflective thoughts inside my head, but I wasn’t exactly emotionally invested in the characters after it was over.


A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens (A-)

A bit of Christmas reading in bed!
A bit of Christmas reading in bed!

I’ve never read this classic before, although I have a beautiful illustrated copy given by my Uncle Brad and dated 1996.  It’s never been my favorite Christmas tale, which is maybe why I’ve waited so long, and all the movie versions I’ve seen are pretty close to the story.  But it was still a fun Christmassy thing to do.  The illustrations were an added bonus of course!


Commencement, by J. Courtney Sullivan (A-)


Book club with Heather.  Four girls who become friends at a women’s college, and what ecomes of them as they enter their late twenties.  Obviously, the characters appealed to me, and I enjoyed most of the plot.  Interesting takes on modern feminism, and solid characters.  I liked the conversational writing style, but it was a bit scattered, with asides and back stories that wandered all over the place and didn’t always seem relevant to the storyline.  The ending was conclusive enough, but I would’ve appreciated an epilogue.  Enjoyable, but not life changing.


Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles #1), by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (TBD)

Beautiful Creatures Book Cover

Just started reading.  Saw the movie trailer and had to start this series!  I’m always looking for epic YA romances, throw in some supernatural elements and a Southern setting, and I’m sold!

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the month of December.  Anyone else reading a good book?


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