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Project Pinterest: Jewelry Organization

Lately, I’ve accumulated mounds of jewelry from various places… I may have gone a little overboard buying pieces for Christmas gifts to myself (especially with so awesome deals via Groopdealz and Every Day Icing).  I had to purge my collection to make way for the new additions, but I still found myself with a lack of storage space.  Specifically, I had a tiny amount of wall space in a corner of my bedroom but no tabletop/dresser space at all.  I still wanted to keep my pearls stored safely in my armoir (that does double duty as my makeup station and holds necessities like socks/underwear/hosiery), but I have no problem displaying my costume jewelry out in the open.

Pinterest to the rescue!  Even before I was looking for a jewelry storage solution, I was pinning many, many ideas that I saw onto my Storage Solutions board!

Below, a few of my favorites (all exclamations are very necessary!):

Hang necklaces on the tines of an old rake head!


Use a paper towel holder for bracelets!


Spray paint and hang an oven rack!


Re-purpose an old drawer with lots of hooks!


Open frame with patterned paper/fabric background!


Empty frame with eye hooks!


Framed mesh for earrings, and a shelf with knobs for bracelet/necklaces!


Towel rack and shower curtain hooks!


But the pin that worked best for my situation was the ubiquitous (and awesome) re-purposed cutlery trays:


I mean, how perfect?? So I headed to the hardware store looking for a silverware tray that I could use.  I didn’t have enough space to stack multiple trays, but that would be an awesome solution for an awkward space between two doors or a small strip of wall.  I tried to find something wooden, but the best thing I could find was clear plastic.  Not exactly what I was going for, and I’m sure it could be cute-ified with some spray paint like all the other bloggers in DIY-land, but in the end I liked the look!  It didn’t clutter up my small space, and with no alterations it was finished lickety-split!


Jewelry Organization

Time: 30 minutes max

Cost: $10-15



  • cutlery tray or other drawer organizers
  • adhesive hooks (to hang the jewelry and to hang the tray on the wall)


1. Attach adhesive hooks onto the cutlery tray and/or drawer organizers.  The drawer organizers I found were clear plastic, so I used clear hooks (made by 3M).  Since the clear is nearly impossible to photograph, here’s a handy-dandy pic of where I placed the hooks:


2. Attach the tray to the wall.  I used 3M adhesive hooks again, the kind for hanging picture frames.  The tray and jewelry combined isn’t too heavy, so anything more heavy-duty isn’t really necessary.



Then load up the jewelry!






Ta da!  I’m so glad I finally executed one of these jewelry organization pins!  I love having my prettiest pieces out in the open, and I’m much more likely to wear them when I can see them!  Hooray for Pinterest, yet again!


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9 thoughts on “Project Pinterest: Jewelry Organization

  1. Love it! The clear really does look great. I did something like this a year or so ago with these fabulous square wooden hangings I found at World Market. They were carved in an India-inspired style, and I just twisted hooks into them. I think open-storage for anything is key for frequent use (especially when you live a rushed lifestyle).


  2. Love this post! I think the clear trays work really well, and are very unique! I’m trying to organize my jewelry at the moment too so you have given me some new ideas that I hadn’t seen myself on Pinterest, thank you! (My exclamation marks are all necessary here too haha)


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